The making of a new site

I finished building this website and deployed it to Linode. Doing so was no easy task, given the work I've had to juggle just to get to this point. I thought that a nice beginning post would be to explore the decisions I've made to create this website and how I'll move ahead from here.

My Goals

I've had personal websites before, but they were rather scattershot and too focused on a specific niche. With this website, I aimed to finally establish my own brand. To that end, I placed a focus on showing off my work and capabilities while also trying to make the website easy to use and aethestically pleasing.

My Desires

I had a few desires when it came to making this website:

  • The website should as low-maintenance as possible. I should be able to put the website up and have it “just work”.
  • I should be able to easily to add content to the website. Even though I'm a developer at heart, manually modifying the database was not my cup of tea.
  • The website should have fully responsive design. This one is given nowadays thanks to the prevalence of smartphones.

What I Did

I decided to make this website using the Hugo static site generator. Why use Hugo?

  • Static site generators are the ultimate in low-maintenance. As long as you have an HTTP server ready to serve your files, you're good to go.
  • I can easily add content to the site by pushing to a git repository.

Hugo does have a few quirks I don't like:

  • The image support is somewhat limited.
  • There is no nice integrated support for static resource minification - you get to roll your own. As I would like my site to be used in part as an educational goal, I'm fine with not minifying it.

Next up on the absolute low-maintenance list for me was Netlify. Why did I go with Netlify over setting up my own server to host this site? Simple. It just takes care of all the details for me. I don't need to do anything special except push to a Git repository and have my site deployed and replicated across the world for the unbeatable price of free.

Where From Here?

Of course I will continue to add content to this site - it's always going to be a work-in-progress. But it's nice to finally have this out there.