July 2017

 screenshot is a Minecraft PC server list. It's currently on page 1 on Google for “minecraft server list”, amongst other terms.

The Challenge

After suffering from scalability and security problems, I was brought in to fix the website. After examinating the existing codebase (written in PHP), I felt that the best course of action was to completely rewrite the website.

There were four important challenges. First, I had to ensure that the website would be completely migrated to the new infrastructure with as little downtime as possible. Further, the website had to retain substantially similar functionality to the original. The third challenge was to ensure that the new site was SEO-friendly. The final challenge was to ensure that scalability and performance was vastly improved compared to the original website.

The Results

After approximately two months of work, the first new version of, built on a Django/Celery-based codebase designed from the start to be performant and secure was deployed on July 13, 2017.

Load times on the website dropped appreciably, and content was being more quickly served to visitors thanks to a separation of services, caching, and the better performance profile of Django and PostgreSQL. As a result, is able to rank at page 1 in Google search results.