Mineteria Shop

May 2018


Mineteria is a brand-new social Minecraft server. It brings a new focus to community than any other Minecraft server that came before it.

The Challenge

Unfortunately, Minecraft servers are expensive to run, and Mineteria was no exception. To that end, it was imperative that Mineteria be able to take payments from players.

Mineteria evaluated all the existing solutions on the marketplace and quickly came to the conclusion that none of them fit their needs. A major consideration for Mineteria was the ability to integrate the store into their fully custom backend.

I was hired to continue working on the project in March 2018. The existing shop, while almost finished, had multiple issues:

  • The webstore did not display properly if you did not use Chrome or Safari, creating a poor user experience for a significant number of users.
  • Major functionality was missing, making it difficult to comply with GDPR and effectively assist players with payment problems when the server launched.
  • The website had severe performance issues. The main page weighed in at 6.1MB, an amount that was excessive for many slow connections. Basic performance tweaks cut this size down, but more work was needed to reduce the size of the page.

The Results

After approximately two months of work, much of the missing functionality was added to the store, including a system for players to review their payments, the ability to create accounts to use with the store, and a coupon and discount system. All cross-browser compatibility issues were resolved, with the site now working on all major web browsers (including Firefox and Microsoft Edge).

Value-add also led to improved support for devices with small screens and in reducing the size of all pages on the store, resulting in a nearly 57% reduction in page size (from 6.1MB to 2.65MB).

Thanks to my work, Mineteria is now able to accept payments. They entered beta in July 2018, and fully launched in October 2018.