📚 A 2022 dispatch

Well... a lot of big things happened this year. But to understand the context, we also need to understand what went down last year, which was significant in its own way.

How fast can you write a VarInt?

I often like to start my day by keeping myself abreast of interesting things in the world of computer programming. Often this means a visit to Hacker News or Lobsters. I somehow managed to come across Richard Startin's article about why he doesn't use Google Protocol Buffers for telemetry. Near the bottom, he has an aside about VarInts and shares a few tricks to produce them more efficiently.

Catching up on things

It's been a long time coming, but I have bitten the bullet. My blog, once a fairly stodgy thing I hadn't updated in over 2 years has received a total redesign with a focus on extremely fast load times. My goal is function over form and I think I have delivered that. Of course, I did make some concessions to keep the format largely sane. But while my blog sat empty, many things have changed in my life.